Kate Knutson is an abstractexpressionist working in acrylic paint. Combining bold and muted colors she creates atmospheric paintings thatare ethereal and intimate.  

Besides being an artist Kate is a highschool art educator who currently lives and works in the Northwest suburbs ofChicago. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1998 witha BFA in Secondary Art Education.

Kate is a member of the DandelionGallery in Waukegan, Illinois and shows her work there monthly.  She has displayed at Urban Edge, also inWaukegan and 4 Art Space in Chicago. 


As far back as age seven I wanted to be an artist.  I remember staying after school for an art enrichment program with Mr. Presley.  He taught us how to draw railroad tracks in one point perspective with charcoal (big kid art materials).  I was hooked.  

Growing up I struggled with severe and untreated depression.  Creating art became my therapy.  Pushing paint around a canvas I was swept away by texture and color creating an abstract reality in which I could escape.  As with many others fighting depression I learned to mask my true feelings.   This notion of concealing and revealing is the inspiration for my work.  What do we allow others to see?  What are we willing to look at?  How deep are we willing to delve into the surface peeling back the layers until we see all the beauty and flaws?  I explore this concept layering washes of acrylic paint to create atmospheric landscapes which conceal or reveal the depth of surface areas.  

In a  recent side body of work I continue to examine concealing/revealing but from the standpoint of what women accept and disclose of themselves in a repressive society. Juxtaposing imagery and text, which is sometimes camouflaged, I am trying to represent the expectations, shame, and anger women carry.

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